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R.A.G.E  (Revolution Anarchy Genocide Entropy) is a terrorist organization originally headed by  Commander Jacob Revere.  Revere was a Lieutenant Colonel in the Special Forces before he was declared M.I.A by the US Government behind enemy lines during Operation Desert Storm. He knew and served with Major  Rand Banion.

Due to the hardships he suffered behind enemy lines and the fact he felt abandoned by his country he organized R.A.G.E and began targeting military bases along the east coast with the White House his final destination on this path.  Banion engaged his fighters and destroyed them before targeting Revere's mobile command center.  Unfortunately for Banion the suit did not protect him as it should have and one blast from the R.A.G.E command center killed him.

Revere wanted the X-O Armor but was not able to get it before  Donovan Wylie bonded with it.  Since Wylie was well versed in how the X-O operated he finished the job that Banion started.  Revere was forced to flee while the rest of his group was captured. 
Revere was killed by  Citadel, leader of the  Hard Corp when he tried to stop Citadel from taking over the control of the R.A.G.E. organization.     

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