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Raenafel is a fourth generation Wave Dancer and is destined to be the fourth Crown by her birthright. Brom and Ailsa are Raenafel's parents, and she was born a Child of Recognition. She stands taller than the average female WaveDancer, and can look most male elves in the eye. She has extremely long thick hair the colour of midnight, and her plush deep purple eyes are doe-like in appearance. In contrast to the other elves, Raenafel is a babe in the woods and knows nothing of the world except for what she learn from Brom's, Kirith's and No-Wing's teachings when she was hidden away. Despite her naivety and her lack of socialisation, she has tremendous powers: healing and flesh-shaping. Raenafel is a natural leader and does not shirk at the threat of danger, and she takes her role as the next Crown very seriously.

Raenafel recognized Barmek when he was a squirt and upon her rescue by him and Sleia, they consumated their primal urge. They had a daughter and chose to raise her together as lifemates.

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