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736051 inhumanityrises Character Overview Updating a lot of old story arcs, grammar fixes and clarifications. 06/17/15 08:44AM 153 Approved
735715 inhumanityrises Character Overview Updated Origin, Extra content under Travel to the Past, Minor correction under Sentinel Territories and added Baron Grey picture. 06/16/15 08:31PM 55 Approved
735402 inhumanityrises Character Overview Minor edits and adding the 2 Secret Wars versions of Rachel under the Alternate section. 06/16/15 02:40PM 61 Approved
714584 inhumanityrises Character Overview Short summary of The Burning World arc and Secret Wars. Rachel is set to appear in Ultimate End (Which is before the Incursion and than after the merging into Battleworld), though her role most likely will be minor, and like the other non-life raft members she's been brainwashed by Doom to better fit into his ideal Universe aka Battleworld where he's God. 05/19/15 01:26AM 158 Approved
703678 inhumanityrises Character Overview Minor wording and grammar changes as well as expanding her Telekinesis. Changed the Phoenix part of it to past tense as she hasn't been a Phoenix Host in years. Will be doing more updating and editing later. Updated her potential as well to emphasis what was said in AvX by Xavier about her power. 05/03/15 02:19PM 25 Approved
703243 inhumanityrises Character Overview Lots of editing to shorten the arcs, stuff that Rachel wasn't present at removed, Last Will removed as Tempus retconned it out of continuity with her powers, and finished Exogenous. More editing when I add in The Burning World Arc as I feel I can shorten things a bit more. 05/02/15 06:45PM 97 Approved
694931 leandro_rab Character Overview 04/18/15 04:57PM 4 Approved
557883 AwesomePerson Character Overview 10/31/14 02:06PM 20 Approved
543400 Renchamp Character Overview removed citations from current stories 10/06/14 03:52PM 31 Approved
543372 inhumanityrises Character Overview Finally got the current X-Men issue! I need to get around to older issues... Unsure how to label the Shi'ar stuff when she fought her Uncle Vulcan as many issues are involved with that. 10/06/14 02:45PM 126 Approved
542854 leandro_rab Character Overview 10/05/14 10:14AM 3 Approved
526368 inhumanityrises Character Overview Updated to what Rachel's during currently in the series and events she's currently starring in that I do have. 09/09/14 03:21PM 180 Approved
515345 inhumanityrises Character Overview Minor editing changes and corrections. Still working n summarizing X-Men and it's arcs into a smaller format. Thinking about moving a lot of details to the issues themselves. 08/25/14 06:08PM 8 Approved
515178 inhumanityrises Character Overview Updated Starjammers(Restructured to better fit the timeline of the battle against Vulcan), added Avengers vs X-Men Summary, Battle of The Atom Summary, and working on cleaning up the X-Men Summary. 08/25/14 02:11PM 122 Approved
514863 inhumanityrises Character Overview Filling in Rachel's exploits during the current X-Men (Volume 4) series. Issues 1-18, though I skipped over the crossvers with the event. Forget which ones as I didn't buy the crossover issues, think it was Battle of The Atom? 08/25/14 12:50AM 1 Approved
489924 leandro_rab Character Overview 07/23/14 01:01PM 20 Approved
331734 Jya666 Character Overview 01/09/14 05:42AM 2 Approved
132427 Fhiz Character Overview 06/30/13 10:13AM 5 Approved

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