Why Did She Do That....

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I was reading about rachels powers and it says that she used her telekinesis to 
 create a micro black hole, levitate an entire city for a time and I was wondering why did she do that, what was she trying to accomplish by creating a micro black hole and levitating a city for a time, what was her purpose for doing thing! does anyone konw because I have been searching and can"t find anything! And if anyone has scans of this please post them. Thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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I didn`t read this comic but maybe there was a danger in the city and she wanted to protect the people ....so she created a black hole and the people where out from danger.

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She didn't create the black hole by herself. She was too weak and needed help.
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Yeah she didnt create the black hole by herself. She was helped by the other x-men to maintain it.
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Has Rachel ever met Nate I meean the Shaman?

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