Was Rachel Grey ever born in the 616 universe?

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I feel like is one of the things I should know already, but don't. I understand that Rachel comes from an alternate timeline that hinges on when Senator Kelly was assassinated by the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants, but was she ever properly born into the 616 universe. If not, I feel the likelihood of her being born to Jean and Scott now is extremely low. Am I missing something here?

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i dont think she ever said which universe she was born in, we all assumed she was born ed the one where she was a hound in red leather bondage gear

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Earth-811. It's the first sentence on her page, and no 616 version of her exists.

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@fesak: Thanks for the move. I overlooked that when making the topic.

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she never had a 616 birth but we still really dont know if cyclops is her father its been hinted that the phoenix force itself created rachel as this rachel the one one from "Days of the Future Past is different from her other "Alternate Reality" counterparts. i think that hope is rachel's 616 counterpart

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ummmmmm u mean she was never born in 616 cause she's been in alot of 616 comics she's in one now

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There is only 1 Rachel Grey in existence. That is the 811 version we all know and love. Unlikely all other characters though, she is exclusive to that Reality and there has never, nor ever will be a Ultimate Version, nor a 616 version.

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this is a given that shes from another universe.......Scott and Jean never had children in the 616 universe lol

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Nope. And there are lots of Rachel Greys in the multiverse, just none that are a direct counterpart to her.

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