Summers/Grey Children

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Which out of the three, Cable, Nathan(X-Man), And Rachel would you classify as the most powerful between the three and why....


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I don't know witch is the most powerful but I like Rachel the best and she did posses at least a peace of The Phoenixforce at one time but with out that I think it would one of the boys. 

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i say it's x-man

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X-Man was said to be more powerful than Xavier, or at least was always potentially that powerful, but had to keep it under control or he'd die. Like he did, I suppose. Cable is basically the same only much older and more restrained, but as seen in "Cable & Deadpool", he can stand toe-to-toe with the Silver Surfer when he's able to let-loose. Rachel isn't nearly as powerful as her "brothers" unless of course she's empowered by the Phoenix Force, in which case she's just cheating at the game and Nate's one and two will go tell their parents on her...
...If they can figure out who exactly they are, this week.

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I beg to differ...
Rachel without the Phoenix Force can travel through time chrono-scheming, alter up to molecular level and even done feats without the phoenix force. She can not be altered in any time warp. She is the first omega classified mutant among all the other x-men by Nimrod.  She was able to keep herself alive even when Wolverine stab her at the heart but telekinetically holding her heart together while running around New York. BUT X-Man takes this one, he was genetically mastered and made... before Rachel then Cable.
Rachel's character shouldn't be taken lightly... I always theorized over the years that she really is the daughter of the phoenix force that is why she is unique to almost all the dimensions mentioned in Marvel Comics.

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Rachel's Page says that even without the Phoenix force she was able to create a micro black hole, levitate an entire city for a time,and sustain shields that withstood Jovian atmospheric pressures, her later telekinetic fine-motor control allowed her to alter molecular valences, create telekinetic swords (much like Psylocke's telekinetic katana)and even rewrite human genomes, and she has time travel abilities and  psychmetry,   when cable had full almost complete control of his powers he used his powers to pull the sunken pieces of his space station Providence out of the ocean and rebuild it as a flying sanctuary, inviting some of the world's greatest minds and anyone else looking to start anew. He spent four days re-routing the waterways to flood half the Sahara. He spent two days removing every logger in the amazon. He soothed the pain of every single person on earth suffering from disease. Stopped the white blood cell count deterioration in AIDS patients, attempted to straighten the leaning tower of Pisa. He stopped a daily average of fourteen individual terrorist attacks, eleven hundred attempted murders and seven thousand car accidents. So I think Rachel and Cable might be on the same page but all I've heard of X-Man is that he is a very powerful Telepathy, I've read he can pull astral projections of other Telepaths into the physical world and he can teleport to other dimensions, he has psychmetry and can phase through walls and that Onslaught wanted to absorb his powers along with Franklin Richards but  what else can he really do that makes him match or even better than Cables and Rachel's powers...

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@The Phoenix Child:

Uhhhhhh... The first CLASSIFIED Omega level mutants were two of five original X-men, Bobby Drake, and Jean Grey.
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I say Rachel... but it could also be Xman...

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Rachels comicvine page say's she went toe to toe with the Beyonder and was capable of defeating Galactus. That wraps it up for me. Does anyone like danishes?
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@kerukun878 said:
" @The Phoenix Child: Uhhhhhh... The first CLASSIFIED Omega level mutants were two of five original X-men, Bobby Drake, and Jean Grey. "
I took it from a comic book from the 80s when Rachel and Nimrod appeared in the 616 timeline. He used the level that time even before this term became rampant nowadays.
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Xman first bc his power levels match DP, rachel second bc she has the echo of the pf and cable third bc he... well u guys can figure it out yourselves. Its nice the way all of jeans kids have tp and tk, soon her and scott will have an army of psychic soldiers!
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Okay huge fan of all three but if I were to have to pick a most powerful it's between Rachel and X-man , Cable is powerful but he isn't as powerful. But then again Rachel is an Omega and to my knowledge neither one of her "brothers" are.

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Here's a spanner in the works.  People always dismiss Cable.  THat's natural because he lost his powers in M-Da, and before that he had the techno-organic virus raving half of his body. 
However, there is a T-O virus free version of Cable.  Why isn't Stryfe part of the equation?  He's just as much the genetic son of Scott & Jean as X-Man is ;)

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Yeah xerox kittys right stryfe is definetely still counted as a summers child.
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Hey, have thier children met. I mean has Rachel ever met Nate and has Nate ever met Cable
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Nate Grey is classified as an Omega and has done everything Rachel has plus more. He is composed entirely of psychic energy and also has precognition and several abilities.  Stryfe is not classified as an Omega where Nate is due to Mr. SInister removing his genetic limiter and him gaining the tattoo that prevented him from burning out.

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So no one is going to answer.
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I don't think anyone can answer, not even the writers. Rachel is the daughter of the phoenix and doesn't need its help to be on the same level as the phoenix force. Nate's power rivels that of the dark Phoenix, plus he has been shown with the phoenix raptr. Cable and Nate are said to be alternate version of one another even though they have different mothers and Marvel could stil retcon that. And Stryfe is a clone/copy of Cable... They, should all be in one avent or meet at least... Do Summers children from Havok's side count as well? Cause Scotty Summers is said to be equel with Franklin Richards and Raven LeBeau hasn't gotten much attention.

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I say nate, rachel, and cable. Nate is most powerful followed by rachel, they may be on the same level.

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