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alright...I'm still kinda new to this character...but I do like her.... 
do y'all like her more w/ or w/o Phoenix powers? personally I prefer her with them...I just think (unlike Jean Grey) they work for her without making her seem overpowered 
also what would y'all say her best look is...these 2 are my personal favorites 


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I wish she would appear in more X Men story arcs.

#4 Posted by vicsrealms (85 posts) - - Show Bio

I am still wondering what happened to her, Alex, and Lorna.  No news on what they have been up to for a while.  I wonder if they will appear in this new Thanos mess?

#5 Posted by The_Greatest_Username (219 posts) - - Show Bio

I think Alex and Lorna will probably show up in Uncanny X-Force...idk about Rachel though, I think Marvel will leave her in space since they have Hope :(
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@The_Greatest_Username:  i don't  know rachel that much
but how is her personality
#7 Posted by Valtot (4502 posts) - - Show Bio

there just gonna drop her in space and never mention her again

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