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Rachel Caspian is the daughter of the former Gotham vigilante The Reaper.During the course of Year Two, Bruce meets Rachel and slowly begins to fall in love with her despite Leslie Thompkins warnings to not pursue her. Eventually Bruce prepares to marry Rachel but the plans fall through as her father dies following a battle with Batman, which leads her to end things with Bruce and take up being a Nun for atonement. 
Rachel returns in Full Circle, wen the mantle of the Reaper is taken up by Joe Chill Jr. leading Rachel to have doubts about if her father is truly dead. Rachel is later captured by the new Reaper from Leslie Thompkin's free clinic in an effort to lure Batman to him. He however defeats the Reaper and rescues Rachel who returns to her convent.
Rachel soon disappears from her convent, at the exact time a new Reaper appears once again murdering Gotham's mobsters.Batman however doesn't believe her to be capable of this and sets out to solve the mystery of the new Reaper.Batman then battles the new Reaper as he sends Robin to free Rachel only to be confronted by another Reaper,as Batman reveals the new Reaper's identities of Johnny Garnett and Grace Paxton as he and Robin battle and defeat the two. Rachel then stays to help the severely wounded Grace as she reveals she has learned his true identity.

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