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Born in the 18th century, Bryn Erin McKenna was a young girl with a special gift. Scouted by Lilith to be her apprentice, Bryn's parents didn't let her go because they deemed Lilith to be a witch. When suddenly the witchhunt began, Bryn was targeted. Her friend James Scott warned her about this. Before James could return to get his sister Mary, who was also targeted, Bryn asked him if he would do something for her. She had borrowed a vial from Lilith. In it was the supposed sap from the first tree on Earth. A sip from it would mean they became immortal. Sceptic about it, James wanted to leave, but was hit by a stray bullet from the militia. Fearing she would lose him, Bryn forced James to take a sip.

Upon capture, Bryn was taken to the woods by three men. When they returned from the woods, she was dead. They threw her body on the pyre, leaving her to burn.

Five generations later, the spirit of Bryn Erin inhabits the body of Rachel Beck. Rachel was murdered by an unknown assailant and buried in a shallow grave in the hills where Bryn was killed. Rachel came back to life. Again confronted by Lilith and asked to be one of her apprentices, Rachel claimed not knowing her past life.

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