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Raak the Breaker was a Spaceknight whose main power was microwave generation. He was one of the most powerful Spaceknights but always had rogue tendencies. He was among the first Spaceknights to set foot on Wraithworld and to rescue Rom. When the Spaceknights broke ranks to follow seperate directions of space in seeking the Dire Wraiths, Raak managed to follow a group of Wraiths to the planet Clavius. By the time he arrived the Wraiths had almost defeated the Clavians. He was able to defeat them but instead of annihilating them, Breaker allied himself with the Wraiths. He became the ruler of the planet, controlling both Wraiths and Clavians.

His rule lasted unopposed until fellow Spaceknight Trapper arrived on the planet. She allied herself with Clavian rebels. She was not long after followed by Rom and other Spaceknights. Raak engaged Rom in combat and was about to kill him when the invisible Unam the Unseen entered his line of fire instead. Unam was killed and Rom banished Raak to Limbo with his Wraiths.

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