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The clash between the barbarians and the Abellican missionaries rages on until Andacanavar and Moira enter the fray. With a lightning quick strike, and a burst of magical flames the pair subdue the great chieftain, and his monk adversaries. By summoning the demon they had destroyed earlier using Andacanavar's oracle glass and some gemstone magic, they extract the information they need from the fiend to prove to the barbarians that the frost giants were behind the attack on the carriage and the kidnapping of Byggvir's daughter. Finally convinced Byggvir and his barbarians join with Andacanavar and the Abellicans to track down the frost giants responsible for taking Elene.

After an unpleasant exchange with Abbot Greene, Moira takes off on her own to hunt and to clear her head. She is surprised by an ancient guardian of the old ones, a.k.a. a monster, and suddenly finds herself in a dangerous situation. Fortunately Grave Mungo happens to be nearby, and pulls her up from a certain death. Once on solid footing again, Moira unleashes a powerful blast on the creature killing it instantly. Grave accompanies Moira back to camp, during a conversation between the two we get a look into Grave Mungo's home life and the painful memories that it brings.

Graves reception back at camp is not the most friendly, especially with Andacanavar who remembered the powrie from the attack on the barbarian ship in the first issue. Before things have a chance to escalate a sudden attack by frost giants brings the tension to an abrupt halt. Empowered by magic the giants steal the gemstones from an unsuspecting Abbot Greene, and decimate the ranks of the barbarians and monks. Grave Mungo is knocked unconscious, while Andacanavar, Moira, Byggvir, and Abbot Greene are all taken prisoner by the frost giants. When Grave awakes he is alone amongst a pile of corpses, and swears revenge on the giants.







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