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When Abin Sur was dispatched to the planet Ysmault to rescue a stranded Ungaran ship, he came across the Five Inversions, enemies of the Guardians of the Universe and members of the Empire of Tears. One of the Inversions, an entity named Qull, offered to answer any three questions Abin had. He first asked where the survivor of the crash was, and was answered truthfully. He next asked how he would die, and was answered truthfully, albeit prophetically. Lastly, he asked what would become of the Green Lantern Corps. This was Qull's answer:
"After untold millennia, the enemies of the Green Lantern Corps will rise united against them. The Corps shall be destroyed to the last life form. The planet Oa shall be as dust. Among the gathered foemen shall be numbered the Weaponers of Qward, Ranx the Sentient City, and the unspeakable Children of the White Lobe. The Empire of Tears finally released from entombment, shall join the assault. Sodam Yat, a Daxamite hailed as the ultimate Green Lantern will perish battling the Lobe-Spawn. The planet-form Mogo will be the last to fall as Ranx explodes a blink bomb within his core." 
The purpose of Qull's prophecy was to instill doubt in Abin, and this would eventually lead to his death. The prophecy almost came true during the Sinestro Corps War, but the destruction of Mogo was prevented, as was the death of Sodam Yat.

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