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Quinlan With Obi-Wan

Quinlan Vos was born on the planet Kiffu, he was the son of Kiffu Guardians Pethros and Quian Vos. His parents were murdered by Anzati when Vos was very young. Like most Kiffar he had psychometric powers which were enhanced by his ability with the Force.

The Jedi discovered Quinlan had a connection with the force and intended to train him, Because of his exceptional psychometric talent the Kiffar were reluctant to let him leave his homeland and become a member of the Jedi Order. It was proposed by the Kiffu Guardians that he would be trained on Kiffu rather than Coruscant. The Jedi Council agreed and Master Tholme being the Jedi Watchman for Kiffu was appointed to train him.

Vos witnessed his mother’s death firsthand, and often became deeply distressed. Only Master Tholme was able to calm him using Jedi techniques. Tholme took Vos to Coruscant where he helped him overcome his traumatic experience. As a Youngling he trained with the likes of Obi-Wan Kenobi and Shylar and showed he had potential to be a great Jedi. During his Apprenticeship he became close friends with Obi-Wan and had a romantic relationship with Shylar. When he was a young boy he rescued Aayla Secura from a Wampa during a mission to Ryloth with Master Tholme, she later became his apprentice.


Mayor Story Arcs

As A Jedi Knight

After becoming a Jedi Knight Vos still had strong relationship with the Kiffar, he visited his home planet Kiffu on a regular basis. This was condemned by some Jedi who believed that detachment from personal pasts was essential to have full devotion to the Force. Vos took Aayla Secura as an aprentice as a Jedi Knight

Nar Shadda

Escaping Nar Shadda

Quinlan went on a mission with Aayla Secura to Nar Shadda to investigate a drug smuggling racket. On this mission Quinlan and Aayla were drugged and wiped of their memories. Vos teamed up with a bounty hunter named Vilmarh Grahrk who helped him escape from Nar Shaddaa. Vos found out from Pol Secura that Senator Kaa was behind the drug scandal and various other crimes.

Vos travelled to Coruscant to confront and kill Senator Kaa, but was stopped by Mace Windu because he thought the act would send him to the dark side. Mace Windu later found the evidence to Take Senator Kaa to the Supreme Court. Vos was re-trained as a jedi after this mission.

Becoming A Jedi Master

In his final mission as a Jedi Knight, Quinlan went with Aayla went to Kintan. Master Tholme was held captive on Kintan by Morgukai warriors. Quinlan and Aayla defeated the Morgukai and saved Tholme. After the mission they returned to Coruscant and Quinlan was promoted to the rank of Jedi Master. His apprentice Aayla was promoted to Jedi Knight by the Jedi Council.

Clone Wars

During the clone wars Quinlan was working undercover for the Jedi Council spying on the Separatists . He provided valuable information to the Republic and the Jedi by infiltrating Count Dooku's Separatists. Whilst working undercover, Quinlan began getting emotionally involved with Khaleen Hentz., one of Count Dooku's agents. Khaleen later became Quinlan's wife and had a child with him.

Dark Acolyte

Quinlan as a Sith Agent

Count Dooku Was Aware of vos working undercover and tried to draw him to the Dark Side. He tempted Vos to use the dark side to strengthen his psychometric powers. Using the dark side powers Vos discovered that his great aunt, Sheyf Tinte, sacrificed his parents to Anzati vampires. He had a surge of dark side power and killed his aunt.

Vos later became Dooku's Agent and carried out assassination missions for him. Vos was still working undercover for the Jedi Council but most Jedi were convinced that he had given in to the dark side.

After Vos escaped Cound Dooku, two Dark Jedi were sent to hunt him down. On the spaceship Titavian IV, Vos met with Obi-Wan Kenobi and helped him escape convincing him that he still served the Republic. When he returned to Coruscant he managed to convince the Jedi Council that he was working undercover.

Order 66

Quinlan surviving on Kashyyyk

After the execution of Order 66 Vos was ambushed by clone troopers. He was believed to be dead but emerged badly wounded. He then went into hiding in the jungles of Kashyyyk. Bounty hunter, Vilmarh Grahrk found Vos injured on the forest floor. Grahrk told the clone troopers that he had killed quinlan to stop them hunting him.

Quinlan escaped from the planet and was healed. He later found out he had a son from his wife, Khaleen. His son was called Korto Vos.

Other Media

Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace

Quinlan Vos in 'The Phantom Menace'

Quinlan Vos has a brief appearance in 'The Phantom Menace' as a background extra during the Mos Espa sequence that introduces Sebulba on Tatouine. Vos was on a secret Jedi mission in Mos Espa at the same time Qui-Gon Jinn was stranded there with Queen Amidala. Vos was unaware of Qui-Gon being stranded and so did not offer any help in his journey to Coruscant.

George Lucas initially included Vos in the script of 'Revenge of the Sith' but his scene never made it past the animatics stage.

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