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 Genom Tower
Founder and CEO of the Genom Corporation which is the dominant manufacturer of a race of bio-organic robots known as " Boomers".   What many are unaware of is that the "Father of Boomers" Dr. Stingray strenuously objected to Quincy's ambitions of a simplified and mass produced Boomers which he believed were inherently unstable and could become prone to psychotic rages.  He also objected to Quincy's intentions to use them as a race of menial laborers and even more chillingly, for combat.  Of course, before Stingray could make his objections and fears public, he died in a very convenient and mysterious explosion arranged for by Quincy.
While Genom manufactures and produces many necessities all over the world, this mega-corporation was built and maintains its lead with their number one product; the Boomer.  Although it is the most powerful mega-corp in the world and an economic and political juggernaut; Quincy has far greater ambitions for himself and Genom, seeking to gain total control of the entire world.  Perhaps the one obstacle in his path for total global domination are a mysterious band of renegades, mercenaries, and vigilantes known as the Knight Sabers who have managed to keep him from achieving his goals ... so far.

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