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 Quigley in deep thought
A native born Klah, Quigley gained possession of a strange magical talisman that enabled him to see through any and all disguise spells that dimensional travelers or “demons” use to blend in with the native inhabitants of the dimension that they are in. 
With this charm, he became a demon hunter who successfully hunted and slew numerous demons for fifteen years until he happened across a strange innkeeper known as Isstvan who told him of the notorious evil magician Garkin who was hiding in a remote wilderness and playing his trade of summoning demons to wreck havoc.   As it so happened, unknown to Quigley, Isstvan was a magician himself and intent on conquering Klah by killing any potential rivals and taking the world’s magic for himself.  


Traveling to slay Garkin on his trusty war unicorn Buttercup, Quigley ran afoul of Aahz and Skeeve.   Perceiving Aahz for the demon he truly was, Quigley tried to kill him only to fail thanks to a combination of Aahz and Skeeve’s teamwork.

Quickly realizing that Quigley could see through Skeeve’s disguise spell, Aahz had Skeeve remove it and then convinced Quigley to temporarily remove his charm.   Distrustful but unable to refute the fact that Aahz could have killed him while he was temporarily stunned, Quigley agreed and was confused to see Aahz in his true form.   

 Aahz Revealed!

Aahz spun a quick tale that he was a demon hunter who was so successful that he was cursed by several demons so that he appeared to be a demon himself as a fiendish revenge.   For one who had slain so many of their own number, he would now be hunted by his fellow demon hunters.  


Distraught over his mistake, Quigley eagerly agreed to assist Aahz and Skeeve by slaying a pair of demons pursuing them.   These demons, Higgins and Brockhurst were assassins also hired by Isstvan who were understandably confused when confronted by someone who mentioned their employer by name.   Uncertain of the situation and unwilling to kill Quigley outright, the assassins used a petrification spell to turn Quigley into stone and proceeded to catch up to Aahz and Skeeve.    

Aahz spun another quick tale and convinced the two assassins that Isstvan was plotting against them and had actually sent Quigley after them.   Aahz further convinced them that Quigley could be recruited to their side and the pair left the restoration spell with them.  Higgins and Brockhurst went back to Isstvan to keep an eye on him while Aahz and Skeeve would go for help from another dimensional traveler known as Frumple, who secretly Aahz hoped might be able to restore his powers.  

For safekeeping, Aahz and Skeeve buried the still petrified Quigley underground when they went to meet with Frumple as he didn’t need air as a statue.  Unable to cure Aahz, Frumple sent them to the other dimension of Deva where he might find if not a way to restore his lost powers, then aid against Isstvan.

Upon their return from Deva, Aahz and Skeeve dug the still petrified Quigley up and restored a naturally confused demon hunter, proclaiming that they had rescued him from his tormentors and how their new companion, Tanda who was a witch, had cured Aahz of his demonic appearance and restored Quigley from his stone curse.

Determined to save Klah of the threat of Isstvan and his demons, Quigley accompanied the group to confront Isstvan and provided a helpful distraction, successfully engaging both Brockhurst and Higgins.  In the aftermath of Isstvan’s defeat, a rather baffled Quigley admitted that he wasn’t sure what was going on but decided that for a demon hunter, he didn't really know too much about demons.  Wanting to find out more about demons, Quigley decided to tag along when most of the group (save for Aahz and Skeeve) traveled to another dimension, helped along by his attraction to the lovely Tanda.  


Powers and Abilities

Quigley is a powerfully built human in excellent athletic shape.  He is also a superb swordsman and fighter.  Although he’s not the sharpest and most intelligent guy, his reflexes and fighting skills are top notch.   

Weapons and Paraphernalia

Quigley carries quite an assortment of weapons with him at all times ranging from brass knuckles, throwing axes, knives, and of course, a broadsword.  He also wears protective gear such as armor.

 The Magic Talisman that sees through Disguises

Previously, he was in possession of a magical talisman that he wore around his neck.  This charm enabled him to see through all known magical disguise spells, allowing him see individuals as they truly would appear.   This talisman was subsequently lost.   

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