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What should I read to acquire more knowledge about the character, I'm really interested in Pietro and could use some help on titles/tpbs that I should purchase. Thanks in advance.

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He's an arrogant fool. That's pretty much all there is to him.

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I don't particularly see him that way. I see him more so as a complicated character. I haven't really read anything about him, my knowledge is wiki based, with a tad bit of media mixed in.

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Pick up Essential X-Men Volume 1, and the first couple volumes of Essential Avengers. They're pretty cheap and cover a lot of ground, both with Quicksilver and most of Marvel's important characters. Avengers Academy trades should help a lot too, as Quicksilver was one of the regular cast. Honestly, my favorite version of Quicksilver is from the short-lived Wolverine and the X-Men cartoon.

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What Eet Mor Puppee said if you're interested in Pietro's beginnings, but if you want more recent stuff I suggest you pick up his storyline from House of M. It's what made me fall in love with the character, personally. The outcome of House of M for Pietro is treated in Son of M, which has a great story involving the Inhumans and Pietro's daughter Luna, but also a rather more extreme characterization of Pietro that has him going bad again. It's consistent with his past and very well handled, but it's still sad. That particular storyline then continues/ends in Silent War. Then I must have missed the comics in which he repents because when he comes back in Mighty Avengers, he's good again. Eh. In any case he becomes a Mighty Avenger, so if you're interested in that the TPBs in question are Mighty Avengers: Earth's Mightiest, Mighty Avengers: The Unspoken and Mighty Avengers: Siege. The series ends after that. Don't worry about what comes before Earth's Mightiest because that's where the authors changed and Dan Slott took it in a completely different direction, limiting the Avengers rooster to second-tiers and giving the whole thing a fun old-school vibe, it might as well be a completely different series. Continuity-wise you just need to be aware of Secret Invasion's events to read it. After that I hear Pietro got an important role in Avengers Academy but I haven't read that so I can't say much about it.

And that's for reprints; I'm afraid I haven't read anything about him between Avengers Essentials and House of M... So I'm pretty much in the same boat as you, really. If anyone's got recs of back issues I should pick up next time, I'd really appreciate it. I've got a soft spot for Quicksilver as well.

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