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In October of 1985, Karl Moore was a football player for Notre Dame University. Moore was skilled, but there was another player who stood out even Moore during games and practices. That player's name was Phil Grayfield. Karl was jealous of Moore's success and shrived to be better than him. Moore obsessed over previous games and plays. After a game he would often study what went wrong in order to figure out how to make himself a better player.

Fueled by rage and an acute attention to detail, Karl became a ninja for hire after a stint with the Miami Dolphins.


Quick Kick was created by Fabian Nicieza, Jose Delbo, and Mike DeCarlo.

Character Development

When NFL Superpro's heroic deeds began interfering in gang leader, Marco Sanzionare's, illicit businesses, Sanzionare began hiring assassins to take Superpro out of commission. Grayfield's former teammate, Moore, was the first to try. Skilled in the ancient art of ninjitsu and now calling himself Quick Kick, Moore set out to get his revenge.

Unfortunately with Moore's emotions out of control, he was unable to focus on the task at hand and ended up crashing a plane that Superpro had sabotaged. Quick Kick died in the crash.

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