Kid Omega??

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How the crap did Kid Omega end up on this list? He's proven himself to be pretty powerful and all, but I don't remember him doing anything that would point to 'unlimited potential'.

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His thoughts became faster than light. He evolved into a higher state of being. He never died, even though he should have. If you read Riot at Xavier's, it tells you why he is an Omega.

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It is a fun little story. The art is just absolutely horrible though.

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erik said:
"It is a fun little story. The art is just absolutely horrible though."

I like it.
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Well I guess each person has their tastes. But I personally think Frank Quitely is horrible. I do not see the appeal. 

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He's only on omega status because of kick, it enhanced his mutant powers to the next level causing a forced evolution

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How long can he remain in this disembodied consciosness form? Can he truly die after his physical death?

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We don't know yet but he retrieved his body a year or two ago

Nowadays, he's in Wolverine & the X-Men

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