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Zone Wars

Not much is known about Doctor Ivanna Robotina's past other than that she was the tyrannical ruler of the Luna Zone and the arch-nemesis of Pretty Soldier Sally Moon who, with her sidekick Chibi Rose and her beloved Tuxedo Knux, fought her every step of the way. Unlike her male counterpart, who used technology to "roboticize" Mobians to do his bidding, Robotina was a master sorceress and used her powers to "monsterize" the Mobians of her universe.
A short time after Robotnik Prime's death, the damage caused to the Multiverse by The Ultimate Annihilator allowed Robotina to cross over from her reality to Mobius Prime. Upon encountering Sonic Prime, Robotina attempted to monsterize him but was halted in her endeavor by her arch-nemesis Sally Moon and her sidekick Chibi Rose. But Robotina's immense mystical might proved to be almost too much for Sally Moon and the others.
But, just as she was preparing to deliver her finishing blow, one of the pressure points on Robotina's neck was pierced by a rose. Robotina collapsed before Tuxedo Knux, Sally Moon's love interest, appeared on the scene. Robotina was last seen being carried off back to The Luna Zone by Sally and Knuckles after Zonic the Zone Cop arrived to return those that did not belong on Mobius Prime back home. It is assumed that Robotina was imprisoned after being sent home and that her reign of terror finally came to an end. This is not a certainty, however.

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