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With various translations and titles, and names, but usually most simply known as some variation of Margrete, she was the daughter of Valdemar IV of Denmark and Helvig of Schleswig. Born in 1353, in Vordingborg Castle, in Denmark, Margrete would eventually reign as Queen over three powerful countries, Norway, Sweden and Denmark. Her rule over all three was not immediate, though it ended consecutively, first ruling over Denmark from 1375–1412, Queen of Norway from 1388–1412, and a year later adding Sweden, ruling from 1389–1412.  
None of his came easy, as initially Denmark would not allow because of tradition, for a woman to lead, and so when she lost her child, who was to become ruler, she was appointed as All-powerful Lady and Mistress (Regent) of the Kingdom of Denmark. Her skillful and masterful politics and leadership, even in spite of losing her father, son, and other personal losses and set backs, and much opposition. She brought peace, stability and was more adored by many of the nations she ruled over. 

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