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Machina is the machine queen of the machine empire, the wife of King Mondo, as well as the mother of Prince Sprocket and Prince Gasket. She accompanied her husband throughout the universe as he conquered various galaxies, and was with him as he set his sights on the Earth. After Mondo's defeat and destruction at the hand's of the Ranger's , she constantly faced and rebuffed the advances of Lord Zedd and Rita Repulsa's renegade robot Louie Kaboom, who unsurped control of the Machine Empire.
Knowing her husband was being rebuilt, she was supportive when her son Gasket, and his wife Archeria took control of the empire.  When he finally was finished rebuilt she quickly moved back to his side, as Mondo drove away the prince and princess. But Machina's ultimate fate was her own destruction at the end of Zeo, at the hand's of a bomb from Lord Zedd and Rita Repulsa, that eliminated the entire Royal House of Gadgetry. 
But the entire royal family was ultimately rebuilt and became members of the United Alliance of Evil, and participated in the conquering of the universe. But ultimately her, along with most of the empire was ultimately destroyed during this, as  consequence of Zordon's energy wave, reducing her along with her family to nothing but sand.

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