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Queen Femina Suarestellar Baroux is a woman who led a revolution against the oppressive “male forms” on her planet of XXX, after emerging triumphant against them she and her Amazonistas took things to the extreme and started a campaign to either subjugate or wipe out male forms throughout the universe.

Arriving at Earth she and the Amazonistas see new super heroine Zsa Zsa Zaturnnah defeat a giant frog that had come out of a `magic volcano' and attracted the village where she lives in her normal form as male hairdresser Ada.

Deciding to recruit someone she thinks is a female warrior Queen Femina first tests her by infesting the village with zombies. The zombies defeated by Zsa Zsa, Queen Femina and the Amazonistas land the nest day, along the way to enlisting the new heroine Queen Femina starts causing trouble by changing random men into women though the use of a genetic manipulating staff she has.

It's not long before she and the Amazonistas have a large group of villages corralled outside the village church. Changing from Ada into Zsa Zsa Zaturnnah she confronts the aliens and Queen Femina demands she joint them. When Zsa Zsa refuses,  Queen Femina changes a large group of village men, including the village priest into women, when Zsa Zsa stops her from more of that Queen Femina says that instead she will kill the rest of the men leading to a battle between the two.

Defeated by Queen Femina Zsa Zsa is able to get the upper hand by regurgitating the magic stone that fell from Heaven that lets Ada turn into Zaturnnah, Femina and the Amazonistas are so shocked to see someone they thought a follow female warrior turn into a man that Ada is able to force the stone down the throat of Queen Femina turning her into a Planet X male and putting the whole crew into disarray leading to their defeat.

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