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Lily Hollister is the daughter of New York mayoral candidate Bill Hollister and childhood friend of Carlie Cooper. While dating Harry Osborn, she finds a hidden door in his closet and finds an old former journal of his, which detailed the location of one of Green Goblin's secret hideouts. Using the equipment and a new Goblin formula she found in the hideout, she begins targeting her father's campaign hoping to gain him the public's sympathy due to her attacks. She is soon dubbed "Menace" by the new owner of the "Daily Bugle", Dexter Bennett.

Character Creation

Lily Hollister was created by J. Michael Straczynski and Joe Quesada and first appeared in Amazing Spider-man 545 . Her alter-ego "Menace" was created by Marc Guggenheim and Salvador Larroca and first appeared in Amazing Spider-Man #550.

Major Story Arcs

Menace of Manhattan

Spider-Man was especially interested in Menace because of the fact he was being compared to Goblins all the time, something Peter was all too familiar with. Parker had been hoping that his best friend Harry Osborn didn't fall of the wagon and go back to being a Goblin.

New Goblin in Town

Spider-Man was able to pick up a hint from Jackpot as to the whereabouts of Menace until he was attacked by her when suddenly Menace flew by, instantly gaining the wallcrawler's attention. During Menace's flight, Parker jumped onto the glider where Menace was being antagonized by Parker and his face was pulled on as Peter tried to remove the mask. However, Menace' costume possesses poisonous spines that cut Spider-Man and quickly overwhelmed his body, rendering him virtually unconscious as he fell into the ocean. Menace flew down to Spider-Man's near unconscious body and made him a promise and a threat. She told Parker that he should be careful not to interfere with her plans because if he didn't, he would do something kill Spider-Man, something Norman was too weak to do. Menace appeared again in a council meeting and kidnaps a council member, with Spider-Man and Jackpot trailing him. Spider-Man was able to rescue the council member but Menace's glider slams her into the wall, killing her. Menace later accused Spider-Man for the death of the council member. Menace is later seen destroying campaign advertisement of Bill Hollister and says that it was for his own good and would help against his political opponent, Randall Crowne. Menace confronts Norman Osborn in the rooftop while he was observing the fight between Spider-Man, Venom and Anti-Venom in the street. They fought for awhile from which Norman survives a reenactment of his original death from Menace's glider. Before leaving, Menace threatens Osborn about devoting his life to destroying Spider-Man.

During the Secret Invasion Menace hunts down Jackpot, believing her to be Spider-Man's girlfriend, and fights her until a Skrull destroys her glider. Menace survives and limps away from the battle.

Lily Hollister is Menace?!

Menace returns to her humble abode only 33 hours before the polls that will decide Bill Hollister's fate open. After experiencing a brief bout of pain he reverts back to his true form: Lily Hollister , Bill Hollister's daughter and Harry Osborn's girlfriend. Lily is discovered in uniform by Harry only five minutes after reverting to her true form. Lily caught red handed reveals everything to Harry, who is in shock that Lily has taken up the Goblin legacy, it is revealed that while Lily was concerned, Harry had a relapse and thought he was using drugs again she found his diary while searching for drugs she thought he was hiding, and learned everything about Harry and Norman's pasts as the Green Goblin. Lily went to Oscorp hoping to use her knowledge to gain access to Norman's secret stash of Goblin gear, Lily intended to use the evidence of Norman actively being the Green Goblin to help launch her father's political career, hoping he would use the evidence to put Norman behind bars and become a hero to the public, but while in the secret room she knocked over an experiment Norman had been working on, a new form of Goblin serum, absorbing it through her skin, Lily gained super-human strength and a shape-shifting ability, allowing her to change from her normal appearance into that of Menace at will. Lily also revealed that she was attacking her father's political rallies in order to boost his votes, as each time Menace attacked a candidate she had noticed their numbers went up in the polls, and this was also the reason she had made sure Spider-Man was arrested, since Spider-Man evading capture in connection to the Spider-Tracer killings was hurting her father in the polls. Harry was in shock at the numerous revelations Lily made, and was given yet another shock, Lily was wearing the engagement ring he had offered her earlier.

Lily is put in prison after being exposed on election day to be Menace by Harry in the guise of the Green Goblin and Spider-Man. While behind bars Lily is visited by her new "father in-law" Norman to say, "Welcome to the family." After being released she tells Harry that she has moved on and returns the ring. Harry fears she has begun a relationship with his father and he warns her that Norman will get rid of her when he is done with her. It is later revealed Lily is pregnant with Harry's child.

Goblin Legacy

A More Feminine Figure

After Harry almost succeeds in his plan to cure Lily of her Menace alter-ego and escape from Avengers Tower together, Lily betrays Harry and reveals her allegiance to Norman. She reveals that she does not desire a cure for her Menace form, and states that she only pretended to love him so that Norman could keep Harry in an environment where he could be controlled and manipulated into the kind of son Norman desired. Worst of all she crushes Harry with the truth about her pregnancy: The child she is carrying is not Harry's son, but Harry's younger brother. She then chases Harry with the intent of punishing him, but the younger Osborn escapes.

During the War of the Marvels story arc, the two Ms. Marvels (Carol & Karla) started busting heads in an epic fight. Carol Danvers decided to pay a visit to the Avengers Mansion to confront Osborn but instead she encountered with Lily Hollister, Menace. As proof that Ms. Marvel was getting weaker Lily was able to knock her out even with the disadvantage of being pregnant. After Norman's arrest Lily escapes.

Crashing into Harry's Coffee Shop

In the Origin of the Species story line, Lily crashes into Harry Osborn's coffee shop pursed by a group of supervillains, hired by Doctor Octopus. After she gives birth to a baby boy. The villains attack and the child is kidnapped by Lizard. Spider-Man tracks him down only to have Conners willingly give the baby back as his tests proved that Norman Osborn was not the father. Upon receiving word of her child's safety Lily runs away, feeling unfit to raise the child.

Goblin Nation

Menace is Back

Recently she has appeared beside Osborn, now known as Goblin King, as he rallies his Goblin Army. On Goblin King's orders she breaks Phil Urich out of a prison truck and takes him to Osborn, where he is rechristened the Goblin Knight. She later kidnaps Carlie Cooper from Potter's Field brings her to the Goblin King, giving him the journal containing the secret about Spider-Man. After Carlie's transformation into Monster, he sends the two to take down some of Rodrick's men. The Goblin girls attack Ringer, Steeplejack, and Tumbler. She is next seen along side Goblin Knight and Monster as they assault Spider Island. When Empire State University is shut down due to the Goblin attacks. Menace in her guise of Lily Hollister approaches Anna Maria under the pretext that Mary Jane sent her to get Anna out of the city. Oblivious to her true identity, Anna gets in the car. Menace then brings her to the Goblin King. When the newly returned Peter Parker and Spider-Man 2099 head to OsCorp Tower to shut down the Spider-Slayers' signal, Menace confronts them. Menace assaults O'Hara but is soon taken down by Spider-Man when he injects her with the Goblin Cure. No longer a goblin, Lily dons costume that is an color-inverted version of the one worn by the Black Cat and becomes the Queen Cat.

Power and Abilities

Menace has displayed superhuman strength, and shape-shifting abilities, She got her powers from a new version of the goblin formula that Norman had been working on she was exposed to it after accidentally knocking over test tubes in Norman's secret room which contained his goblin gear. Menace has a plethora of horror-themed weapons mostly used by the Green Goblin, such as the Goblin Glider and pumpkin Bombs. She also wears a bulletproof mail over her body, and cape, the rest of Menace's costume is actually a result of her shape-shifting ability.

As Queen Cat she displays heightened agility and reflexes.

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