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Not much has been revealed yet as to how Qubit got his powers. What is known is he was a solo hero for a while, until he got trapped in a Parallel dimension while going there to get cheese. The Plutonian arrived to save him, and soon after he joined the super hero group Paradigm. 
He is first seen in Irredeemable talking to the recently attacked Samsara trying to figure out WHY Plutonian went on his rampage. He then creates a few robotic versions of Plutonians greatest foe Modeus, in the hopes of tracking the villain down and getting help in defeating Plutonian. This plan culminates in Qubit 'interrogating' the villainess Encanta, by threatening to turn her into a cyborg. His plans fail to come to fruition when he's usurped as leader of the rag tag Paradigm by a more powerful Charybdis. He is currently searching for Modeus on his own after finding out from Encanta that he's hiding in what Modeus said was 'the safest place on the planet.

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