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Her (later known as Kismet) makes her presense known as she seeks the ideal mate among the various male super-heroes of Earth. (Having recently met Adam Warlock and realizing they were a poor match as they are genetically nearly identical.) She rules out Mutants as their DNA is too unstable. She goes about planting cocoons of her genetic material upon the back of the neck of any super-powered male that impresses her genetically, she chooses Wonder Man, Hyperion, Ikaris, Doc Samson, and Gilgamesh to this end.

Quasar attempts to intervene since he's had more experience with her than most and he is the only Avenger capable of catching her. She at first disregards Quasar as he has no power of his own, it emanates from his wrist-weapons. She only decides that he is a worthy potential mate when he displays impressive control of his power and resourcefulness in catching Her, also a great deal of honor when he defends her against a jealous Moondragon and a mind-controlled Jack of Hearts.

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