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Quarterback created by Jonathan Ross and Bryan Hitch, the creative team of America's Got Powers.


Quarterback is one of the many powered teens to gain their power from the Glowing Crystal that arrived to San Francisco. He is the current Leader/Captain of America's only superhero team Power Generation. Which he gained through his victory in the popular series of America's Got Powers. It was hinted that at one time he had been dating his team mate, Ice. He was also close to losing his winning streak and maybe his position as Captain of Power Generation to a former contestant, Bobby Watts, but due to the amount of injuries that Bobby received during the fight, he lost and was declared dead. Quarterback now holds a grudge against Tommy Watts, for the near loss that he had faced from his brother Bobby, as well as looking like a joke when he was saved by the 'Zero'. It's later shown that he shows no guilt over anything he has done (i.e he seems more than willing to hurt his opponents to get what he wants).

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