jake_fury's Quantum & Woody: The World's Worst Superhero Team #1 - Volume 1 review

Brotherly Love, Crazy Science and a Goat

I honestly had no idea what to expect going in to this series. I have enjoyed some of the other Valiant titles like X-O Manowar and Harbinger a good deal. With a cover price of only $9.99, I was more than willing to take a shot at this series.

The Story:

Quantum and Woody is a tale of two brothers, Eric and Woody. Woody was a foster child and adopted into Eric's family. Their father was a extremely intelligent scientist who killed himself to keep his experiments from falling into the wrong hands.Quantum and Woody were caught in an explosion at one of his research facilities and it resulted them in being granted control over a unique energy field. The only drawback is the bands they wear must make contact with each other every 24 hours or they will be discorporated.

The Good:

The two biggest things that stand out with this book are the relationship between Eric & Woody and the overall humorous tone of the comic.

The relationship is very well addressed over the course of these 4 issues as a definite sibling rivalry is being a key focus. It's very well done with these 2 brothers and the development is very interesting and emotional.

The humorous side of the book is also well done. Eric is the straight man to Woody's wild, womanizing, motor mouth persona. There are also some very funny pop culture references and humor without it being forced.

The Bad:

The art isn't bad per se but it is a bit cartoonish. Overall, its not a detriment to the book but I personally would not mind seeing a better artist on future arcs.

The Score:

This is a fun team up book \with an old school Deadpool fell. There is an excellent mix of humor and action and the result is another fine offering from Valiant. for only $9.99 I would highly recommend adding this to any fan's collection.


Posted by cbishop

I read good things about this series the first time around, but I haven't read any of it. Seems like it might be worth reading.

Posted by johnkmccubbin91

I need to get this to try as I've heard a lot of good things about it.

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