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A Little Slow...

Having never read Quantum and Woody before I appreciated the broad view of their origin story. The flashbacks give new readers like myself a better understanding of the relationships and family dynamic. I could dig into the sibling rivalry and definitely identified quite a bit with Quantum, it's rough to be the older, responsible one. Also the art was really good and wasn't distracting the way it so often can be.

That being said this issue felt a little slow for me. There were a few jokes and a few near-jokes that just didn't land . While I appreciated the flashbacks and the character development I definitely wanted to get back to the action. The book starts on a high note but definitely doesn't finish strong for me. I'm going to pick up the next issue because I really think some of the slowness is just about helping new readers get immersed in the world and the characters we will be spending time with.

That's my brief review! Overall, pick it up but don't expect to get anywhere fast.


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