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As Nova fought to protect Project: P.E.G.A.S.U.S., Dr. Gruenwald and Dr. Necker, along with Nova's younger brother Robert, sought to use the Xandarian WorldMind to open the Quantum Flask and awaken the exotic energy that had recently been extracted from the Negative Zone within it. Just as the Skrulls were about to overwhelm the defenses of the Project, the flask opened and the energy shot forth and spoke to Richard Rider, revealing itself as the Quantum-energy manifestation of Wendell Vaughn... reborn. In this form it seems Wendell will have powers similar to those of the Quantum Bands themselves, not unlike when he was reanimated by Infinity. How and why he has now returned is unknown.

During the battle at Project: PEGASUS, Quasar went 'nova' and destroyed a sizable percentage of the Skrull invasion force in defense of the Nova and the Project itself, however he used too much power and was forced to return to the Quantum Flask. However while he was active he shared with Nova that he remembered fighting Annihilus along side him, and realized that Annihilus was going to kill him so he attempted to Quantum-Jump to escape, but he surmised that his body didn't make it, but his mind did. It is still unknown how he returned in this energy form.

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