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Dr. Quentin Quantis was the head scientist at the PADDYWAC cuteness wing. He developed the cuteness serum using extracted koala bears life fluids. Quantis then took the serum himself and began transforming into a giant koala. Ned Orton, the janitor, witnessed this process and, terrified, went to Metropolis seeking the help of Ambush Bug. As soon as Ned arrives at Ambush Bug's detective agency and tells him the whole story, Quantis suddenly appears at the city and smashes through agency's ceiling, pounding poor Ned to putty. Jonni DC, a continuity cop who lived nearby, noticed the disturbance on the streets and arrived on the scene where she asked Quantis a few questions about his origin and place in continuity, but was knocked unconscious and then used as a golf ball. Meanwhile, Ambush Bug decided to seduce Quantis by wearing a female koala costume, but was quickly swallowed. In Quantis' stomach he met Dr. Bagel, Dr. Quantis' assistant, who told him about the antidote recipe to the cuteness serum. He then teleported to Dr. Bagel's cabinet at PADDYWAC where he synthesized the antidote and injected Dr. Quantis with it, returning him back to human state.

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