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Liam grew up in Pennsylvania with a large Amish family and was always overweight, due to a medical condition. He is considered naive, even to his Amish family. One night, Liam saw a bright light outside and was convinced that is was God, telling him to leave his homeland and go to explore the outside world. So he went to college. When the ax-cell-erator exploded, he was inspecting his huge belly, wondering why God would force him to be so huge his entire life. He gained the ability to make the ground shake when he shook his gigantic belly.

Liam is still struggling with what God wants him to do with his new found powers. Since they are primarily used to hurt, not to help, he has trouble thinking that God would ever want him to hurt anyone. He also believes in humility, so as his superhero suit, he has a Q on the inside of his hat, and he turns it forward when he goes into battle. Recently, he had a chance to prevent an injury to Seductress, but he hesitated to use his powers because it would have hurt the jocks and were trying to hurt her. He feels incredibly guilty as Seductress lays in the hospital.

Liam is fascinated by the modern world and can never get enough of the technilogical gizmo's used by the average 21st century person. He usually remains fairly quiet, as hi past attempts to speak up have made him look foolish. And he would rather seem reserved than foolish. He has the potential to be the Freshmen's most powerful teammate, if he can figure out his religious dilemmas...

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