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Pyron was born over 65 million years ago on the planet called Hellstorm. This planet was governed by violence and wars and was centered on the main principle of evolution. Each new generation of beings were evolved beyond their ancestors. However only one being was able to achieve the peak of evolution: his name was Pyron.

During this quick process Pyron's physical self seemingless dissolved leaving behind a godlike being of pure energy and power. With this new form came hunger, Pyron felt a great hunger which had to be satisfied by consuming the energy of his homeplanet.

Despite this Pyron remained unsatisfied. So he searched the universe, to other stars and galaxies in search of planets to drain. One world that gained his attention was Earth. Pyron used his Precognition to predict how the planet would turn out in the future and the energy it would provide for him to drain. In anticipation Pyron created his own loyal robot follows called Huitzil Robots. These machines were to moniter Earth's development and notify their creator when it had populated with beings worthy to be devoured. Pyron them left the planet to develop while search for other planets to consume. Countless other planets and species were said to be devoured by Pyron but Earth was planned to be the most delicious.

65 million years later Pyron is seen in space talking to one of his Huitzil Robots which informs that Earth is ripened and beings worthy to be consumed.

Powers & Abilities

Energy Absorption: He is capable of draining planets of their energy to satsify his hunger and increase his powers.

Size Manipulation: At times Pyron is seen decreasing his size to visit Earth whereas other times in space he has increased his size to hold galaxies in his hand.

Elemental Power: Pyron stated to have manipulated the elements of the universe.

Temperature Control: Depsite being in space, Earth's machines were picking up high temperatures which were mistakened for Global Warming.

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