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549844 NotATreeABush Character Overview Able to sneak up on multiple enemies in the movies 10/16/14 07:51PM 3 Approved
549842 NotATreeABush Character Overview 10/16/14 07:47PM 3 Denied
549838 NotATreeABush Character Overview You cannot hurt Pyramid Head, he just walks away when he hears the siren 10/16/14 07:32PM 3 Approved
549798 PryamodeHead Character Overview Healing: In the Silent Hill movie, Pyramid Head is shot in the arm. Later his entire body is regenerated from other's blood and flesh. This could also be due to some type of reality warping. Unarmed Combat: While he uses weapons, it's also shown in the movie that he knows how to fight with his hands. He grabs a woman by the neck and punches her repeatedly. Later he tears the woman's skin off, and throws it at the protagonists. 10/16/14 07:12PM 5 Approved
549604 NotATreeABush Character Overview He easily wields the Great Knife and can pick up a human with one hand and tear all of their skin off in seconds 10/16/14 04:04PM 3 Approved
545557 NotATreeABush Character Overview I was just fixing an issue 10/09/14 08:35PM 3 Denied
461227 Deadknight Character Overview 06/16/14 05:07PM 16 Approved
461213 Deadknight Character Overview 06/16/14 04:58PM 25 Approved
85684 Roekon Character Overview 05/29/13 06:04AM 1 Approved
39947 joeagentofhand1 Character Overview 04/27/13 11:53AM 83 Approved

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