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In Silent Hill, a Pyramid Head is the spirit of the demonized executioners of the Silent Hill Jail. They carry giant knives or spears wearing a giant metal shaped Pyramid. They're under the control of Samael the dark god. They were sent to Silent Hill to torture all those who got in there way. Pyramid Heads are extremely proud demons: they wont accept defeat, they will first commit suicide before dying under your hand.


Pyramid Head was designed by Masahiro Ito and first appeared in Silent Hill 2.

Major Story Arcs

Silent Hill 2

James Sunderland first encounters a Pyramid Head in the Wood Side Apartments. James hears a horrified shriek and finds himself emanating an obscure, reddish aura standing behind a wall of bars which separates the two. The monster does not seem to notice James, but the creature's presence causes James' radio to emit static.

Pyramid Head is then seen again by James in Room 307. Pyramid Head appears to be in a sexual act with two mannequin monsters. Pyramid Head lets go of the two monsters and they appear to die. Pyramid Head then moves closer to the closet in which James is hiding in while dragging one of the mannequin monster behind him. Pyramid head stops moving when the mannequin monster he is dragging thrashes about and "dies" again.

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