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 Rita's Putty Patrollers
The putty patrollers are the clay molded minions of space witch Rita Repulsa, made by her monster maker Finster, in bulk to deal with the only thing stopping her conquest of Earth, The Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. Rita's Putty Patrollers, were usually sent in bulk, but were capable of being defeated by the Ranger's without the need of morphing to overcome them, and were used in all of Rita's plans of conquest again the rangers. The putty's typically all had the same appearance, a smooth gray body with red eyes, along with black markings over their body.But occasionally a putty would show up different then the others, with the most common anomaly being rocky hands, or more offensive version's such Putty's with mace's for hands, rock like swords for combat, or a kind who's entire body was rocky.

Rita also possessed an upgraded version of her Putty Patroller's which were referred to as the Super Putty Patroller's. This
Super Putty Patrollers
particular batch of Puttys was created in Finster's oven, and was mined from the super putty that Rita had gained. This batch of Puttys were invincible to the Ranger's best attacks, and if destroyed it would split into two super Putty Patrollers. These Puttys only had one weakness, which was special blasters retrieved by the Green and Red rangers from the guard of Titannus, the carrier zord.

 Mutant Rangers
One of her most noteworthy plans was to create the Mutant Rangers, choosing five of her best putties, who received the badges of darkness, which were evil versions of the Rangers powers, and were led by Commander Crayfish. With the putties morphed with the evil yellow,blue,black,pink and green powers, they all battled there counterparts. The Mutant Ranger's were then destroyed, by the power blaster and a blast by the Ultrazord.

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