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Once, a lovesick man faced harsh rejection from the woman of his dreams.Brokenhearted, he cast aside any feelings of affection for the opposite sex. No more would he be blind to their malevolence, nor would he see these seductive creatures as anything but cancerous embodiments of evil. Donning pink,frilly clothes and a thong, the hairy man assumed a new identity and dedicated himself to a three-fold mission: to warn men of feminine wiles, to end the lives of women in men's company, and to prevent sexual relations at all costs, not barring death. Beware the Purple Marauder. Beware his legendary cry for justice: "Nyar!" The self-styled hero launched Into his costumed career in the early 16th century, armed only with his rapier (though he also calls upon "wads of spit as his "secret weapon"). Though he eventually lost his trademark hat to gusty winds, he has improved his wardrobe by using the loot stolen from his victims. He even acquired a pair of pistols, though he could not afford ammunition. The Marauder's mind is obviously fractured, apparent even in his language - he labels females as objects (a woman is an "it." not a "she") and often refers to himself in the third person.

The Purple Marauder first met Lusiphur in Palasach, where he successfully prevented the elf's sexual romp with a lady friend. Though the Marauder would lose all subsequent battles with Luse, he always returned in excellent condition, unhindered by the bullet wounds and broken bones from previous encounters. During their last encounter, the Marauder found himself oddly aroused by Lusiphur, who had been mystically transformed into a woman. Confused by this attraction, the hero groped and kissed his protesting nemesis. Afterwards, the human defended the honor of his "he-bitch" in a melee against Luse's enemies. The Purple Marauder then escaped capture and disappeared into the night. Make no mistake, evildoer, the Purple Marauder will return...

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