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Jordan Weir first appeared as a villain to  Green Lantern. His schtick was a "hyptno-ray" which allowed him to control most individuals that came under its sway. 
Jordan was defeated by Green Lantern, and except for an apperance working for Doctor Destiny plaguing the Justice League, wasn't seen for several years until resurfacing as a hired gun for the villianous organization, the H.I.V.E., who hired him to eliminate the Titans.  Though he was able to sucessfully able to control Wonder Girl, Starfire, Cyborg and Kid Flash simultaneously, the remaining Titans ( Robin, Raven and Beast Boy (then called Changeling)), were able to free their comrades and track down and imprison the Puppeteer.   
He may be responsible for the deaths of the family of Adrian Chase. The methods fit some of his past crimes (an exploding marionette), but whether he was responsible has not been confirmed. 
He was freed from jail by Wildebeest, along with the Disruptor, Gizmo and one of the Tridents (see Trident, it's complicated). Trident, Gizmo and Disruptor were recaptured. The fate of Weir is undetermined.


Jordan Weir has no innate abilities, but he has created several puppet themed devices. The hyptno-ray allows him to control others. He has also built and employed puppet sized robots which shoot very real weapons, or explode with sufficent force to destroy an apartment.

In other media

Justice League Unlimited

Puppeteer in Justice League Unlimited.
Puppeteer appears in Justice League Unlimited as a member of the Gorilla Grodd's Secret Society. He makes cameo appearances in "The Great Brain Robbery", in Society secret base, when Lex Luthor's mind switched with Flash's.

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