dark_noldor's Punk Rock Jesus #6 - Revelations review

I'm no one's saviour

Praise the lord,'cus he has returned to us to clean our sins and bring retribution, it's the second coming as foretold in the holy bible. But what do you do when the lord is a clone, doing a reality TV show and starts cursing and becomes a rebel? Though the punk only started in issue 3, this sad story that explores politics, religion and mass tv was doomed for violence and rebellion. Chris is Jesus' clone (or allegedly is) and his shows tops the rates every time, often showing him learning the creationism, other times just exposing his mother's breakdowns and alcohool addiction. The truth is poor Gwen was dealt with a terrible hand and, lured to the promises of money and fame, accepted to become the vessel (she was a virgin) of the messiah's clone. This story, though a little too long and sometimes boring for using the "anchor news or Larry David wannabe routine" in an excessive fashion, is a harsh critic to modern television, to ethics as generals and the promise of redemption. Though the main character is definitely Chris, there's no doubt the most interesting character was Thomas: an Irish, who saw his parents murdered, joined the IRA, killed tons of people, now is head of security for J2 and Chris. This is the classical scarred to life "hero" looking for redemption and his bad ass style was decisive to keep the story interesting. The first 3 issues dealt more with Chris as a baby, focusing more on the fact that he and his mother were "prisioners" of the broadcast, using Nick Slate (the producer) as the bad guy, what worked pretty well, but it was after issue 4, when Chris learns his role, that things really stir up and become more interesting. There are some projects or creative teams that once involved I'm definitely in, that's the case with Sean Murphy, a genious, owner of such an spectacular style and proving every day to be one of the best in the business. Punk Rock Jesus is a tale of greed, of how sometimes you can't just obey what the establishment dictates, that no matter how people look into you to accomplish fate or destiny, you can always turn things around, it's a story about how religion drives people's lives and they never ask themselves "do I really believe in that or am I just following what is being pushed for so long?". This book was fantastic, a very good initiative from Vertigo, highly recommended!


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