cerial442's Punk Rock Jesus #6 - Revelations review

One Nation Under God

Now this was a finale. All questions were answered, and some of the answers were shocking.

If you've been reading the previous five issues, you won't be disappointed. Chris and his band, The Flak Jackets, plan on playing a big concert in Jerusalem. That can go off without a hitch right. In addition to the story, and the action, we get some social commentary too. Commentary on media, reality TV, and most importantly a majority of religion.

This book feels like an old school independent book. One of those you would always hear about but never actually see until you ran across the trade in the back of a Walden Books store. Thick paper and black and white. It may look better digital, but the printed version is more "punk rock".

It's a shame it had to end so soon. I loved this series. Punk Rock Jesus and The New Deadwardians were two of the best mini-series of 2012. Oddly enough both came from Vertigo. I don't think it was a major seller though, and that's a shame. I never saw a single issue on the stands at my local comic store.

Either way I highly recommend this series. I also recommend "American Jesus" by the band Bad Religion as the appropriate after reading soundtrack.

God bless you Sean Gordon Murphy and Vertigo for giving this series to us.


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