PunisherMAX, Issue #11 - What did Bullseye say to Frank?

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I scanned in the panel and enlarged it as far as I could, but I still couldn't make out the words that Bullseye said to Frank. I'm sure that's what Jason Aaaron, the writer, wanted... He wanted to create some new tidbit about Frank's past. 
There's several things that I thought:
1. I want a divorce
2. Die (Frank hired the hit-men)
Personally, I think Aaron wanted to go the route with "Die," but I'm not sure. 
Anyone else have any ideas on what Bullseye said was Frank Castle's last words to his wife?

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probably i love you or something simple. I Cant imagine the punisher just coming out and saying i want you to die right before that moment.

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we were sleeping together.

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A little late in the answer, but it was "I Want A Divorce". I used a high powered magnifying glass to verify it. Is it true? We don't know for sure. But I do believe Frank was always feeling that way. He definitely wanted an out, but not like that I would suppose.
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Jup he did say he wanted a divorce.. In issue 16 you can see him saying that while Frank is thinking about the past.

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@Overload17: Yep, read #16 a few days ago. Pretty good story arc so far.

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