why frank castle should be war machine

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It is really clear and obvious that Frank Castle should become War Machine. If you are interested in the reasons why, I can explain them.

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I just did that drawing myself, and yeah, that would be a good idea, don't u think?

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Neat idea.

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More like he should have War Machine's tech.

He shouldn't literally become a guy named War Machine.

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Well I wouldn't be happy with it long term but if they can do something as dumb as Frankencastle then they could do this.

#7 Posted by Glitch_Spawn (17179 posts) - - Show Bio

Nahh. I prefer the angry badass with just his fists and assorted military grade weapons.

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I would miss the told Frank, but I have to admit that he'd seem pretty badass with some rockets and gatling guns and whatnot. Seems fitting to his character, I'd prefer it to his scavenged tech or stupid Frankencastle.

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It would be better for him to use Liefeld's guns

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