What Punisher Stuff Outside of MAX is worth reading?

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After several months I just finished all of Garth Ennis's Punisher stuff (including Marvel Knights) and finished Jason Aaron PunisherMAX. It was awesome. Loved the ending. Sad he's dead now though.

Now I'm going to try and get into regular Marvel Universe Punisher. I think I'm going to start with the current Punisher v8 by Greg Rucka run. But I'm curious. Is it worth reading Punisher War Journal v2 by Matt Fraction, or Punisher v7 (Franken-Castle) by Rick Remender? From the reviews Fraction's run sounds horrible. And Franken-Castle while some people like, sounds pretty stupid too. What are people's thoughts? Is there anything else outside of MAX worth reading? What about older stuff, before Ennis?

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@dannymalt: Welcome Back Frank from Marvel knights is good. Punisher noir was fun. any of the marvel knights punisher stuff you would like.

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Heard The Newest Versions pretty Good

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@KenTheProfile: Yeah Welcome Back Frank was probably one of my favourite Punisher stories. I've read all the Marvel Knights stuff too. I might check out Punisher Noir.

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I agree with Marvel Universe vs the Punisher, that was a great series. I am Legend with Frank Castle instead of Will Smith, awesome idea and an awesome story. 
I haven't been reading it but from what I've heard Greg Rucka's series is supposed to be on par with Garth Ennis' stuff which I find hard to believe. I'm waiting for the trade paperbacks. It does look good, and get's nothing but steller reviews. Might wanna check that out as well.

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Punisher War Zone is alright

Welcome Back Frank is good

Punisher War Journal is absolutely horrible

The new stuff is decent

If you haven't read it, BORN is really amazing

Marvel Universe Vs The Punisher was cool

Punisher kills The Marvel Universe was good too

The original 5 issue series was OK

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