What is missing in my Collection?

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I'm new to Punisher and what I got is:

Punisher Max (All)
Punisher Omnibus (Garth Ennis)
Punisher vs Bullseye
Punisher vs Daredevil
Punisher vs Wolverine

So now my question is: What is missing? What do I need?
Is Punisher War Journal a must have?
What I like most are books with whole collections!

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Do not I repeat!!!! Do not get War journal its ...Its a disgrace to garth ennis's work! I just tryed to read the dark reign arc with the punisher Frank just does'nt belong with the freaks his world is the best world stick to what ya got!

One Love.

#3 Posted by dan6433 (31 posts) - - Show Bio

if you're a real punisher fan, pick up the original mini-series. it's pretty cool. and the new punisher war journal isn't great, but one issue stands out in my mind. war journal #4 is just an awesome one-shot that really captures the essence of the punisher, even if the rest of the series misses the mark. and i've been enjoying the dark reign series. it's something different.

some of the punisher story arcs from the 90's were enjoyable, too. i guess it just depends on what your reading interests are. the collection you've got already is some of the best punisher you can read, though.
#4 Posted by Brit (372 posts) - - Show Bio

Dude for the love of us Punisher fans and for the Punisher itself don't buy the fucking War Journal book. It is a disgrace to everything that is Punisher. Plus the MAX version is the ultimate expression of the character.

#5 Posted by dan6433 (31 posts) - - Show Bio

people are too opinionated sometimes (see above). why don't you read some of the other books and figure out what you yourself enjoy reading.

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