Thomas Jane Reprises Role as The Punisher (Sort Of)

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That was f**king incredible.

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@RainEffect said:

Am I the only one who sees the irony of them using music from Batman Begins in this trailer? xD

The Dark Knight.

Not Begins.

Shame on you.

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Always thought that Thomas Jane was a better punisher then the other actor.

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awesome :)

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I prefer Ray Stevenson. He just came across as a more believable Punisher. He was a lot angrier and a lot more brutal than Thomas Jane was. BUT I do think that given the right material, Thomas Jane would make an awesome Punisher.

Personally I want a Punisher that could easily snap in with the rest of the Cinematic universe. Not a full-blown role in The Avengers 2 or The Amazing Spider-Man 2, but possibly a cameo. Make a hint at the Punisher in the Cinematic Universe before making a full feature film. Then it would be easier to put in easter eggs to other C.U. films; I.E. Castle buying Stark Industries guns off the Black Market, Newspaper clippings & online articles about Spider-Man, sightings of the Hulk, Iron Man or Spider-Man in the Manhattan skyline etc, etc.

It would be so damned easy, but yet Marvel probably won't be able to do it since they merged with Disney.

Come to think of it, they could probably prepare for a Dr. Strange film now that the magical aspect of the Avengers-verse has been opened......Hmmm..

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@The Mast said:

I was also bothered that he sat around letting people get tortured, but isn't the implication that he wasn't The Punisher at this point?

I think the implication was he had been struggling to disentangle himself from it. Drawing a correlation to him saying he was 5 years sober - meaning he was not an alcoholic, but rather a different kind of 'addict' if you will. Him taking the bottle of JD was synonymous to Frank jumping off the wagon - in more ways than one.

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KICKIN ASS!! AWESOME! Thomas Janes take on the Punisher is wicked, too bad the movie he did fell through. After this little flick, I say give Tom the lead in that Punisher series they say their making. I know it wont be quite as brutal being a TV show (unless its HBO maybe?) but Tom should still be the Punisher, I mean he's allready on TV anyway right?

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That there is squeeee-worthy. TJ is the greatest.

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epic ending is epic

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@elayem98: I was thinking the same thing, how did that bottle not break. But it was an awesome short!

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@jack16ichigo said:

I preferred Thomas Jane too,the first Punisher was a lot better.....

This x 8


@Iron Apollo: Maybe his kids are now old enough for him to not have to be so careful? Or maybe he changed his mind. He's allowed to change his mind about the type of roles he takes. That wouldn't make him a hypocrite.

Disclaimer: I'm not an expert in his roles. But if several years ago he decided not to take certain roles and later changed his mind, that's not hypocrisy. It would be if he was claiming to not take those roles while still portraying them. Is he still making this claim?

If you take another look at that comment I'm not the one who made it. I just "quoted" it and made a response like I am here.
And my response to that quote was like yours things change.
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@elayem98 said:

how did the bottle of jack not break...? he smashed it across like 10 guys faces and then threw it at that guy full force...haha

but cool short.

A full bottle of Jack wouldn't have broke.

@BiteMe-Fanboy said:

Hm. I don't think Jack Daniels is that flammable. But good video, nonetheless.

Any liquor over 60% proof is flammable. Jack Daniels Black is 80%. So yes, it's flammable.

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dolph lundgen

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Pretty cool, brutal stuff!!

I liked certain bits of both of the latest Punisher movies, but I wish they could tackle the story like Nolan did the recent Batman flicks. I think the Punisher would translate awesomely in a Dark Knight-esque type of story/movie, which was just as much of a cool crime drama as it was a realistic comic book movie. It would have to me more violent of course, with the Punisher icing bad guys the way he does...

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Am I the only one that doesn't like the music choice? Don't get me wrong it fits really well but I just guess I'm so big a batman fan that the idea of Batman just showing up and taking away that lighter just won't leave my head. But still...OMG! The 04 movie was my fav take on the character as far as film goes and I want to see another Jane movie. IMO set it in the same universe where the exact amount of time has passed since the last movie.

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@joshmightbe said:

@SandMan_: Frank could never be an Avenger

In the Ultimate's universe he is. That and I think Frank and Deadpool are the only members that aren't

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I think Ray Stevenson had a better face for the punisher, he just had that mean look, but Thomas Jane played it better and his version was more entertaining.

Now I want to see a kind of Thomas Jane Punisher spin-off where he plays the guy from “The Mist” and goes out dealing deadly revenge for the death of his son against cruel irony.

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Very cool! I'd support Thomas Jane return as the Punisher in a new movie.

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Are there any more of these because that was cool. I'll be satisfied with a bunch of these shorts than a whole movie.

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