They should make the Punisher a bad guy again.

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Think about it, if he can't headline his own book, why not return a little more back to Frank Miller's take on the Punisher in the Child's Play arc.

I feel they try to justify his actions too much, and he'd have more of an impact as a straight up baddie, which he basically already is.

It sure would beat being the butt of Deadpool's jokes in Thunderbolts.

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He is a bad guy? Enough with messed up "changes" with the character, he is an antihero which is way different than bad guy.

Does it make him a bad guy to kill someone that sells drugs to children? If that's your opinion it does make Daredevil a villain to try to stop him too.

They got differences on their approach to crime, Daredevil wants criminals to have a fair trial and put them in jail.

The Punisher kills them, end of story. They both stop crime but the Punisher stops them permanently. Does it make him right? Probably no, but he fights crime in his own way.

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Be a bad guy again? In his first appearance the Punisher went after Spider-Man based on false information, when he found out that the Jackal had lied to him, Frank was pissed... sigh... there's always some dumbass who thinks there so clever because they pointed out something that we all missed. But as always, they don't go into details, they don't state anything to backup their claim (could you possibly be more vague?), and even if they did... they would just be "cherry picking" out certain events for their so-called reason. And in the end, what's the reason behind this... just so Deadpool can tell some jokes... wow... I wonder how long it took this person to have such a brainwave????

So a functional character either has to be a goody-two-shoe or a bad guy... no shades of gray, in-between or dark complex characters huh... because you fail to understand this character.

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What I meant wasn't that he should no longer have a code of honor, but that the Punisher should return to being an antagonist in various Marvel books rather than what he's doing now. Similar to his first 25 or so appearances.

It's not such a leap compared to previous Punisher arcs featuring Frank Castle becoming a black man and teaming up with Luke Cage, or being demon-possessed or turning him into a Frankenstein monster. Granted, none of those were good things that happened, but I think now and again a new take is needed.

And if you've read Daredevil 183-184, you'd know he was not portrayed in a favorable light, but it was a great freaking story.

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