The Punisher vs Bullseye

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If Bullseye had started out as a Punisher villian instead of a Daredevil one would he have been killed sooner. Everytime these two fought there was always an excuse for Punisher to not kill Bullseye. Like in the Punisher vs Bullseye series and the Punisher Countdown sorry I don't have the scans to show you guys but if anyone does mined posting.

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If Bullseye had started as a Punisher villain he most likely would've went the same way Jigsaw and Sniper did. He might have gotten retconed out of getting killed a few times but he most likely would've died by now and stayed dead in comics. Since the main blessing and curse of the Punisher character is that he kills his enemies. It’s a blessing in the fact it separates him from almost all other comic book characters and a curse since Frank can't really have a traditional rogues gallery like other characters do. The reason why Frank didn't kill Bullseye or vice versa is because Bullseye is a popular villain in the Daredevil comic and Frank had several series going on when countdown happened. If Frank would've killed Bullseye it would be a major thing for the Daredevil character since Bullseye is his most popular opponent. If Frank would've been killed marvel just lost several ongoing series in the early 90's. That's one of the main problems though about Frank Castle being in 616 since marvel wants to keep their villains around he can't just waste them and makes the character look weak in the 616 universe. In retrospect though Frank constantly confronting the Kingpin and not killing him in his early multiple series was a much worse offender then Bullseye was.

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Bullseye is to Daredevil, what Green Goblin is to Spider-Man, or the Joker to Batman; he will always go after a hero's loved ones. Fortunately for Frank, he has none. He knows all to well the consequences of bonding with an individual, in his ever lasting war against crime. If this had been Ultimate Frank, who's a borderline sadist, then Bullseye would be showing with less limbs with each of his appearances.

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