'The Punisher Comes To Playstation!

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Brace yourselves, Punisher fans! If you have a PSN then you may want to invest in this awesome new game! For only $9.99 you can enjoy this new first person shooter which is rated M...so ask your parents first! Check out www.punishernomercy.com for a full experience and detailed news regarding the game!
Meanwhile check out this cool video game art by Mike Deodato released by Marvel !

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Punisher drawn by Deodato. yes please

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Punisher's skull

Why just for Playstation?
Why can't it come out for
every platform? Is there
any explanation for this?

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Finaly! Wasn't this supposed to come out in december? I was worried it was cancelled or something.

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If done right this should be one hell of a game.

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@PrtScSysRq: Everything nowadays is coming out for a playstation console. There is no fair explanation.
Joker being available for missions on Batman: Arkham Asylum?
Kratos being in the new Soul Caliber game?
Specially designed uniforms for characters in Tekken 6?
And the list goes on and on...
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I will create a consol which is only gonna have those things what the others already have.
I won't be rich but i'm gonna be fair :D

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i love punisher max series, hope this game delivers

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i wish this game was for 360

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It might be a good game, wait and see..

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