Space Punisher

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What do you think about this new book of the Punisher? Im a little bit sceptic about this one, but i will give it a try. Let's see how Frank Castle will handle with this crime syndicate "Six-Fingered Hand". I think we have to open our minds to deal with this one, specially all the hard core fans that like some "real" element in the Punisher stories.

What do you think?

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It's a bit excessive to be a punisher story in space, not his usual environment but still sounds cool. I like issue four's cover where a dead Galactus is seen behind him. BTW does this book take place in the normal continuity of Earth-616 or is from another universe????

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Well we've had Angelic bounty hunter punisher, Frankenstein Punisher and Captain America Punisher so why not

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I picked this up and I have to say I think it's a little silly...

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@PATTX: This is another universe gladly, like FrankenCastle and angelic Punisher should be.

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Damn it was better as a mainstream story :(

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No way Frank could handle this guys in the mainstream, i like this stories outside the 616. The writters can do with character whatever they want. For example The Punisher kills Marvel Universe. :D

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I read the issue and it was fun but still it was such a blunt and stupid idea for a comic book.

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