Punisher War Zone Movie

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Well, it can't be worse than the other Punisher movies.

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lol how many were there?^^

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Uhh, the most recent Punisher movie, with John Travolta.

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Two, so far? Am I right?

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LOL i only saw one what was the second one called?

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No, there are no part ones and part twos. There are two movies, both about the Punisher, but completely unrelated to each other. the one you saw would be part two, except it's just it's own movie, as was the first one.

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which was part one correct?

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Yeah. The earlier one, made in, like, ninety one or something, stars that Russian Boxer from Rocky 4.

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so the that was the one with john travolta right?

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I liked The Punisher movie with Thomas Jane. If this one is anything like that one then I am all for it

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Anyone know when the teaser will be shown? I am hoping that it will be when Hulk comes out.

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Does Punisher stand against Rambo, Wanted, and the other gun movies this year?

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The buzz keeps building for 2008's "Punisher" sequel, "Punisher: War Zone," this week as director Lexi Alexander announced new casting details and teased of more to come!

On her official blog, Alexander revealed three new cast members and their respective roles. Dash Mihok, who recently appeared in the drama "Hollywoodland," is set to play Detective Martin Soap. In the comics, Soap is the inept—and unfortunate—member of the NYPD who is assigned to bring Frank Castle down.

Colin Salmon, who has had roles in "Tomorrow Never Dies" and "Match Point," will star as Agent Paul Budiansky. Featured in recent issues of THE PUNISHER, Budiansky is a cop who becomes analogous to Frank Castle after making a series of morally gray decisions.

And it looks like Doug Hutchinson, a gritty actor who's been in "The Green Mile" and more TV shows than you can shake a stick at, will play Loony Bin Jim, a role rumored to as the brother of classic Punisher villain Jigsaw.

Alexander ended her post with a coy note, boasting that she had found "the perfect, most talented Jigsaw," but did not comment further. Looks like fans will have to stay tuned to her blog and Marvel.com for more information on that in the coming weeks.

It seems that there's no rest for the powers behind Marvel Studios and Lionsgate's highly anticipated Punisher sequel, "Punisher: War Zone." Following up on her first four casting choices, director Lexi Alexander dropped details for a trio of new roles on her official blog.

Every good hero—even the merciless Punisher—needs a great villain, and Alexander's found the "perfect Jigsaw" in Dominic West ("300" and HBO's "The Wire"). Can he handle the scarred and sadistic criminal? You betcha.

And what's better than one enemy for Frank Castle? Two, of course. And while West suits up as the film's big bad guy Jigsaw, Martial arts master and action movie veteran T.J. Storm also joins "War Zone" as the savagely vicious Irish gangster Maginty.

And though it's still unclear how the character will fit into Castle's war, Punisher's sometimes sidekick—and frequent weaponsmaster—Microchip will be played by Wayne Knight, known far and wide for his role as Newman on "Seinfeld"!

The film is set to shoot in Montreal this October so check back in with us regularly for the latest updates on everything "Punisher: War Zone"!


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*stares at previous post* wow!

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Punisher is awesome. the movies were alright i guess =D

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wow I thought Thomas Jane would reprise his role as Frank. I am a massive fan of the punisher but I think this movie is trying to cramp a little too much story into one movie. But Marvel is renowned for that just look at spiderman 3.
Either way it's the punisher so it has to kick ass.

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worship me... lol jk

enjoy guys..
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To clear a few things up guys.
There are currently 2 Punisher movies the first depicting Dolph Lundgren as the Punisher in 1989 which was awesome it is set years after his family's death and depicts it correctly with a wife son and daughter killed only it was changed from a mob shoot out in central park to a car bomb. Then there is the second one also called the punisher depicting Thomas Jane as the punisher which also kicks ass and is set as the becoming of the punisher pretty much starting with the death of his family only they got this completely wrong for starters Frank never had a daughter in this movie and secondly his entire family including his in laws are massacred at a family get together and ofcourse Punisher Warzone will be the 3rd installment.

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Credit to G'bandit
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Dolph Lundgren played 1st punisher

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New War Zone trailer, this time with more Jigsaw


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so when does this movie come out? and what was so wrong with the 2nd punisher i know they messed with the family thing but hey it was pretty cool they wiped out his whole family

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Looks like they might get it right this time.  I love Jigsaw's look, and I love the more epic feel that this has.  The new Punisher has an amazing voice, and from what I could see in the trailer, he has charisma to spare.

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I like it, it looks all Dark and Grimey like dat Max Payne joint. I cant 4 it to hit theaters ima b the first with the bookleg.

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This looks awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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