Punisher: War-Zone

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Well after the latest news hereand herewe all know that this next story will be a miniserie with 5 issues and unfortunately will be the last attempt of Greg Rucka and Marco Checchetto on the character.

Don't know who the next writer will be after this "event" but i hope that the quality remains the same within the possible of course.

Let's hope Marvel make another good choice to write this character.

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Awww man, sorry to hear Rucka leaving

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At some point a few months ago I was informed that Marvel wanted to end the book and would be spinning Punisher out into a different team book and I wouldn’t be writing it. - Greg Rucka on leaving Punisher

I've said before that I never really liked the concept of the Punisher (it never made sense that with characters like the Avengers around that he would be allowed to do what he does and it sounds like Rucka is handling that concern with War Zone) but Rucka has made me a Punisher fan and it is completely ridiculous that Marvel is canceling the title and moving the Frank to another book that Rucka isn't writing especially after all of the praise that the series has gotten....so dumb

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War-zone only have 5 issues, they are not canceling anything. Until now we only know that war-zone will be the last of Greg Rucka with the Punisher. The current series will have another writer.

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@Bionder: Rucka says that the title is being cancelled

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I love the idea of a human vigilante who takes out the trash, but I found that the Punisher series that has been running for the past eight years or so (I don't know if there is a new one) was just really cheesy. I tried to get into it, but I felt like it was a parody of itself. The Russian's head had been transplanted on a fat woman's body at one point. Midgets were sawing off the legs of normal sized people as punishment for their crimes. Really ridiculous crap. I couldn't get into it.

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@Bionder said:

@danhimself said:

@Bionder: Rucka says that the title is being cancelled

Yep, you are right. I read it from IGN.


@PsychoKnights: That was in the Garth Ennis era. But in that era you got good stuff for example: "Streets of laredo", "confederancy of dunces" and of course "welcome back Frank".

I understand a bad writer can wreak havoc on a good character, but man, I didn't find anything worth reading in those years. I don't recall those story lines in particular though.

I do remember that Punisher killed Stilt Man and a bunch of other super villains by poisoning them at a bar, and I thought that was really good.

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Punisher killing Stilt Man was in the Fraction era ( Punisher war journal) and most of the Punisher fans don't have good memories about that time. For me it was one of the worst storylines ever besides Franken-Castle, Angelic Punisher and one of Mike Baron's when Frank became black for a short period.

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